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Dec 18, 2020

Trophy is now available to preorder! Check out our preorder page here.

Our treasure-hunters face the dark history of Hester's Mill in this exciting finale. 

Thanks so much to Chimaeracast for co-producing this series with us!


Trophy Preorders

Dec 8, 2020

Trophy KS Pre-Order Page‚Äč

Setting Out
00:00:20  - Judd talks about a PC death and how it came about

Clawing for Gold
00:06:30 -  Jason and Judd discuss Trophy Dark Incursion published by the Gauntlet called Top of the World and urban adventures

Into the Forest...

Dec 3, 2020

Trophy RPG is now available for preorder! Check out the Trophy preorder store here.

In this special episode Trophy author Jesse Ross sits down with Trophy publisher Jason Cordova to announce the preorders, give an update on the state of the project, and talk about some of the additions and refinements that are being...