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Jun 9, 2021

Jason and Judd bring on a special guest to talk about the release of the final PDF of Trophy Dark!

Show Notes:
00:16:53 - Trophy Dark's layout
00:23:46 - Some Incursions
00:34:06 - a brief chat on Safety in Trophy Dark
00:39:00 - the Scoundrel's Quarters
00:45:43 - What's Next

Judd's Twitter: 

Apr 6, 2021

Setting Out
00:00:16  - Judd talks about how Trophy Gold is affecting his play group's approach to other fantasy RPGs

Clawing for Gold
00:08:49 -  Jason and Judd discuss a Rooted in Trophy game called Last Night on Earth

Into the Forest Dark
00:15:34 - Jason and Judd continue discussing how to convert classic...

Feb 2, 2021

Setting Out
00:00:17  - Judd and Jason catch up on their gaming and discuss some joys with longer campaign play

Clawing for Gold
00:12:21 -  Jason and Judd discuss the upcoming Zinequest 3 Rooted in Trophy game called Token.

Into the Forest Dark
00:15:30 - Converting classic adventure modules to Trophy Gold Incursions...

Dec 18, 2020

Trophy is now available to preorder! Check out our preorder page here.

Our treasure-hunters face the dark history of Hester's Mill in this exciting finale. 

Thanks so much to Chimaeracast for co-producing this series with us!


Trophy Preorders

Dec 8, 2020

Trophy KS Pre-Order Page‚Äč

Setting Out
00:00:20  - Judd talks about a PC death and how it came about

Clawing for Gold
00:06:30 -  Jason and Judd discuss Trophy Dark Incursion published by the Gauntlet called Top of the World and urban adventures

Into the Forest...